Supernatural 5X14 My Bloody Valentine Review

#5.14 “My Bloody Valentine” Quick Review

Dean (to Sam): Be my Valentine?
My bloody Valentine, this episode was aptly named. In the “Now” segment that was one gory scene. I saw the movie “My Bloody Valentine” the movie staring non other than Jensen Ackles. I enjoyed the movie….but IMO there was less gore, blood and just plain scary scenes than in this episode. This was the grossest episode from SPN but that didn’t bother me. I can just envision Sara and Ben gleefully laughing their heads off that they got away with that scene. Sara has stated she more gore the better.

Ben Edlund is another writer who’s on my favorite writers list. He outdid himself on this one. I knew part of the plot, but putting that aside, it was great at very beginning when Valentine’s Day was going very wrong and the logical conclusion would be Cupid had gone apocalyptic. Great scene with  Cupid, Dean, Sam and Castiel; it was the one of the few scene that had some humour.
Dean: [to Castiel] “Is this a fight? Are we in a fight?”
Castiel: “This is... their handshake.”
Dean: “I don't like it.”
Castiel: “No one likes it.”

The rest of the episode was heavy, dark, depressing and looking like the apocalypse was in all out war stage.
Castiel starts to figure out who might behind all the mayhem…Famine. Whatever you craved you could not get enough of it.

Seeing Castiel eating his way throughout the whole episode instead of Dean was hilarious, especially since we never see Castiel eat, drink yes, eat no. Dean calling him the “hamburgular” funny.

Anxiety was building from the start of the episode and continued to increase as each scene played out. Watching all the different addictions attacking the town was well done. Sam wanting craving blood was no surprise. Eric Kripke has said a few times, “Sam’s an ex-addict”. I can now point out to Eric that once an addict always one, difference being sober, which in this case Sam has to start all over again. Jared did a fine job with this episode. All his scenes showed how hard he was fighting, telling Dean to tie him down good because he knew he was loosing this battle. The demons setting Sam free were such a smart idea…not. They sure paid for that mistake. Bad ass Sam drinking women demon’s blood then expelling the demon from the other. Great scene.

I was starting to wonder what would be Dean’s craving as he didn’t seem to be affected, but it was really weird to hear Dean say food and sex was just not interesting him….OK “Where is Dean and what did you do with him?”

Fugly dude and creepy, loved that depiction. This decrepit old man, just plain creepy; the massacre in the diner was one bloody messy scene. Awesome episode. Jensen, Jared & Misha hit it out of the galaxy again. Sad Sam had to give in to his addiction, but I believe Sam was the only one who could stop Famine.Dean and Castiel coming up with a plan to find Famine was a good idea.
Castiel going in by himself not so.good Good thing Dean didn’t wait very long (was that even a minute?) to go help save him. Yeah like that worked really well. At first I was thinking we need one Winchester unaffected otherwise how could this situation be resolved. Famine had to be stopped. Castiel eating raw meat was useless to anyone, and Famine’s minions had Dean well secured.  Dean telling Famine I’m not affected by you, and Famine confused as to how Dean was resisting. More so when Famine asked how can you not be affected in my presence. gut-wrenching scene watching Famine place his hand on Dean and say “you aren’t affected because you are already dead”. Gotta think about this. Was Famine touching Dean’s soul or discovering Dean didn’t have a soul anymore. Somehow I don’t think that’s the case. Is someone keeping his soul safe from everyone who seems to want it????

I had no idea what Dean could do. It was somewhat of a surprise that Sam all juiced up on demon blood would be the one to defeat Famine. Well not defeat him but crush the demons he had inhaled and weakening him so that Famine disappeared and the town was set free. It was great to see Sam be the only one who fixed this, and all because he had demon blood in him. Wait didn’t Ruby saw that Sam always had the power, he didn’t need the blood? Another point to think ponder.
Dean’s pain having to listen to Sam detoxing again was just cruel. At least this time Castiel didn’t open the door. (Are we ever going to find out why Castiel did that?). And speaking of the panic room where the heck was Bobby?

It was horrible to watch Dean looking so defeated, alone, lost and out of answers or ideas. Who was he asking for help? Michael, God anybody???? IMHO he was asking God for help.

At 9:35PM I yelled…”oh no you really aren’t going to leave me with another cliffhanger are you?” There was just too much happening and few answers being given to believe in the 15 minutes everything was going to be tied up nicely!
I hate and love cliff hangers but can’t stand the long time we have to wait. I have no idea what Eric and crew have in mind…just know it’s ripping my heart out.

Additional thoughts.
What I got the most out of this episode was Dean seeing Sam’s powers in full demon blood force. He’s never seen Sam that way before. Even though he knew that Sam was powerful enough to kill Lilith, he really didn’t understand how dangerous Sam was until he saw him here.
The pain and regret we saw on Dean's face watching Sam use his demonic powers was hard to witness. It really shook Dean to the core.

I think Sam will emerge from this crucible all the stronger for having to go to a place he never wanted to be at again, broken and drinking demon blood. While he now carries the shame and fear of having succumbed to Famine, he also carries the knowledge that in the crisis, he still said no to Lucifer via Famine – and what he did in taking down Famine, a being his power couldn’t directly affect, argues that human ingenuity and strength of will can be wild cards that trump seemingly predestined plans.

It didn’t make sense to me that Dean, the consummate hunter, would simply stand there with a knife in his hand and not cut off Famine’s ring. I’m assuming he cut off the ring off camera!

That whole scene with Dean and Famine did not make any sense. I think someone left a part of the scene on the cutting room floor. Where did Famine go, what happened to him, is he dead (don’t think so) did Dean get the ring? Yes I believe he did just would have been nice to see that.

Sam in detox once again tore me apart, never mind what it did to Dean. Dean listening to Sam going through detox again.
Dean defeated, alone, lost and out of answers and can't do it alone asks God for help - gut wrenching. Dean’s depression has really kicked in but he’s not at the bottom yet, but not far from it.

Dean's soul is lost for now so he feels dead but he is carrying on fighting for humanity. You can't do that if you have no soul. . Dean's soul is just misplaced in Dean's mind cause he can't forgive himself for what he has done, all the people he’s let down or have died etc but getting so low he will start to see he has to forgive and God will give him all the strength and power he needs. As a beautiful poem says "when you only see one set of footprints in the sand that is when God is carrying you. Just not sure I can last till the end of the season without going running to the nuthouse!
That's why Dean's soul is just misplaced. As a beautiful poem says "when you only see one set of footprints in the sand that is when God is carrying you. When Dean gets the help he desperately needs that is when he will start to see he has to forgive and God will give him all the strength and power he needs. The same goes for Sam. I believe that Sam and Dean will say no!

As for Cupid well guess he was ok, sure not the way I pictured him.

Sam: “Alright, I'm just gonna go through some files, you can go ahead and get going.”
Dean: “Sorry?”
Sam: “Go ahead. Unleash the Kraken. See you tomorrow morning.”
Dean: [confused] “Where am I going?”
Sam: “Dean, it's Valentine's Day. Your favorite holiday, remember? I mean, what do you always call it? "Unattached drifter Christmas"?”
Dean: “Oh, yeah. Yeah, well... Be that as it may, I don't know. Guess I'm not feeling it this year.”
Sam: So, you're not into bars full of lonely women?”

Dean: “Remarkably patronizing concern. Duly noted.”
Simple comeback to Sam that shows how broken the brothers relationship still is. Major complaint this hasn’t be addressed enough. I have hope it will be back the end of the season.

Cupid: “Hello, you!” [hugs Castiel tightly]
Dean: “This is Cupid?”
Castiel: “yes.”

Dean: Is this a fight? Are we in a fight?
Castiel: This is... their handshake.
Dean: I don't like it.
Castiel: No one likes it.

Dean: [speaking on his cell] “Cas', it's Dean. Yeah, Room 31-C, basement level, St. James Medical Center—“
Castiel: “I'm there now.“

Dean:” ... yeah, I get that.”
Castiel: “I'm gonna hang up, now.”
Dean:” ... right.”
I love this exchange. Misha is perfect doing deadpan so well and Dean is the one with the comedic timing…actually both are.
And to end I love this one:
Dean gets fed up and hits him. "You punched Cupid," says Sam. "I punched a dick" replies Dean. Taken out of context, that line is incredibly dirty.


Wicked Smile

5.12 Swap Meat


#5.12 “SWAP MEAT”

In “Swap Meat” the basic storyline is body swapping caused by three teenagers delving into the world of witchcraft and demons. These are not forces to play with especially if you really don’t know what you are doing. That world is dangerous and deadly.

This nerdy kid Gary who isn’t thrilled with the life his parents have planned for him. He is able to switch bodies with Sam Winchester.

Jared did a good job playing Gary. I’m sure he had a lot of fun with some of the scenes. Ordering an alcoholic drink and being goofy with that plus getting pick up by a “lady of the night”. Jared handled this comedic scene well. This is the comedy that Jared does the best.

Sam trying to find out who this kid is:
Finds Star Wars t-shirts: “virgin.” He finds porn: “frustrated virgin.” “Then he finds a ceremonial knife and a pentagram on a cloth. Smart kid is into devil worship. "Little satanic bastard,"
Typical teen!

Sam’s interaction with the family at the dining room table was funny but I was surprised the father didn’t react more to the way Sam/Gary talked to him. It would have been fun to see how Sam would deal with a really pissed off parent once Sam remembered he wasn’t in his own body.

The interaction between Dean and Gary/Sam wasn’t all that great. I can’t believe it took Dean so long to figure out this was not Sam. FIRST CLUE : Sam would never put the Impala into reverse and run into something without Dean going ballistic and knowing right then something was wrong with Sam.

This episode had a lot of pot holes through out. The scenes with Trevor and Nora explaining to Sam about the bounty on Dean was the only important information in this mess of an episode. Guess Lucifer figures as long as Sam and Dean are together fighting getting Sam to agree to be his vessel is not likely to happen.

The fact that these three have come up with this plan to kill Dean so they can collect the reward is ridicules. None of them have any problem actually killing someone they don’t know? I don’t think so. Gary actually trying to shoot Dean in the basement, never been so happy to see a spirit attack Dean.

The only other good part of this bad episode was to hear Dean asking Sam don’t you ever think about having a wife and rugrats? Dean has been changing in his wanting a normal life since he reunited with Sara and met Ben. To hear Sam say he has no interest in that anymore when that was why he went to Stanford, to live that kind of life. I’m sad to say I believe Sam has lost all of his dreams and is very comfortable with living the life of a hunter. Dean on the other had has grown up and matured so much since getting out of hell and thinking there is more to life than this. Otherwise why would he continue trying to end the apocalypse, because he that breaks the first seal is the one who will end it.

Finding out there is a price on Dean’s head and seeing how the brothers have reversed roles was the only interesting and good part of this episode.

Ignoring Trevor was killed, Nora was possessed by a demon, which she would have known what was happening even if she couldn’t do anything about it should have had these kids with major physiological problems requiring major therapy. Just dropping them off at Gary’s home made no sense. Well at least Sam did warn him about using any witchcraft or demonic spells they would the boys would come back and make sure they couldn’t ever to that again.

I’m really happy to have Supernatural back and I love see Sam and Dean, so I’m giving the writers and Eric a wide OK this is the stupid bad episode for Season 5. Good think that’s out of your system, or it better be.

What is tragic here is writers missed a wonderful opportunity to delve into the problems that still exist between Sam and Dean. It would have been exceptional if Dean and Sam swapped bodies and through a MOTW show having to fight together but literally from different sides could have given them insight to how each of them thought and felt and maybe, just maybe start to mend their relationship.

That’s all folks.

This was my original review. Since then I’ve seen the episode 3 more times. It is still my least favorite of all 5 seasons. I stated at first that I hated, hated hated this. Well now I just hate it!

Possessed Nora finding Dean and kicking his but thoroughly (again by a girl) great scene. Poor Dean on the floor again.

Kudos to Gary when the demon tells him about the great job he did but has to meet the “big boss” Gary finally realizes it’s the devil the’re talking about and says no. What a great scene Gary and Dean working together as one, each saying part of an incantation to exorcise the demon. This scene I liked

Dean: Adios, bitch."
Gary (as Sam): "It's 'adinos.'

Some great quotes:


Father: "Young man," the supposed father booms, "I'm very surprised at you."
Sam:"Yeah! Tell me about it!”

Not sure how Jared could do this scene with a straight face. Wonder how many takes were needed!

Sam: "Wait. Guys, plural?"
Desk clerk: "Yeah. One leather jacket, one Sasquatch."
That was funny.

Dean asking Gary/Sam if he has any other information on Maggie Briggs and the name makes Gary/Sam perk up -- he knows all about that legend! Including that it's wrong. Actually, Maggie was pregnant with Isaiah's illegitimate child.

So, she's buried in the basement. It's salt and Zippo time! Gary/Sam jumps into the car and Dean turns on his standard classic rock tunes and is shocked when Gary/Sam gets excited and tells him to crank it up.

Later in a bar, Gary/Sam orders some bacon cheeseburgers and shots, something real Sam would never do, and Dean is suddenly suspicious. "Who are you, and what have you done with my brother?" Dean growls. But Gary/Sam doesn't break cover, he just says he's in the mood to do things differently. The burgers arrive and Gary/Sam takes a bite, swooning over the experience of even tasting the bun. (A wheat gluten allergy makes you appreciate the little things.)

Gary/Sam: "Why shouldn't I be happy? I got a gun, I'm gettin' drunk, and I look like this!"
Dean is amazed that they're drinking together, as brothers. Gary/Sam tells Dean he's a really great guy and repeats it in a heartfelt tone.
Gary/Sam: “Dean, again, is surprised. Sam would never say that.
Dean:” Wow, is it just me, or are we actually drinking together?”
Gary/Sam: “We don't do it that often, huh?”
Dean: “Yeah, you can say that.”
Gary/Sam: “Well, we should, You're a good guy, Dean.”
Dean: “Wow, you are drunk.”

Gary/Sam has finished with Crystal and sneaks back into the motel room he's sharing with Dean. He see what looks like Dean's sleeping shape in bed and creeps closer, then takes aim with a pistol, clicking the hammer back to fire. But he doesn't notice the shape standing behind him which, of course, is Dean. Gary/Sam turns around at the moment Dean reaches out to disarm him.

Dropping the kids at home

Sam: “She doesn't like Satan, moron. She likes you.”
Sam: “Gary, take it from someone who knows. Chill out, man. Your life ain't that bad.”
Gary: “Uh, you met my parents?”
Sam: “Yeah, so what? It's your life. You don't like their plan for you, tell them to cram it. Rebel a little bit. In a healthy, non-Satanic way. “
Sam: “I wish I had your life.”
Gary: “You do? Thanks.”
Sam: “Get on out of here.”
Wow! How things have changed, this would have been Dean’s thoughts not Sam’s not that long ago.
Dean: "That was a nice thing to say."
Sam: "I totally lied, kid's life sucks ass. All that apple pie family crap? We're not missing a thing."
Dean : "Or, we don't know what we're missing."

Again WOW! Brothers have definitely reversed roles as far as family is concerned.

They think about that for a moment, then Dean starts the car and his classic rock starts blasting on the stereo. Sam rolls his eyes and begs him to turn it down. Dean gripes, Dean: "Welcome back, Kotter."

Gary: “My bad”
Dean: “My bad? Just doesn’t cut it kid”

End of review


Episode 5.13 The Song Remains The Same Supernatural



Sam: "Is he all right?"
Dean: "What do I look like, Doctor Angel Medicine Woman? He'll wake up he's you know tough for a little nerdy dude with wings."

OMG AWESOME BRILLANT FANTASTIC SUPERFRAGALISTEXPEALIDOSIOUS. GET THE IDEA I LOVED THIS???. This is one of the episodes I have been waiting for, but there is no way I could have predicted how magnificent it would be.

Steve Boyum directed the episode beautifully. Kim Manners would have been pleased, It was written by Sera Gamble and Nancy Weiner. 

Sera Gamble and Eric Kripke are my favorite writers, now add Nancy to that list. Every new episode I see they outdo themselves over the last one. This goes into the category of those major pivotal episodes that answers many of the questions but generates many many more questions and/or speculations.

There were a few funny moments and some comedic lines, most by either Dean or Castiel but the dominant theme was pure canon and character development and exploration, add some wonderful pieces to this story arc. Castiel meets up with Anna instead of the boys, which was Anna’s idea, since she was carrying a human knife or sword and Castiel had the angel knife. Didn’t take long to see this was not the same Anna we last saw. Castiel got Anna her to tell him her plan that Sam had to die. Castiel stood up to her and stated no matter what Castiel would stop her, even if he had to kill her. Anna asks why” Castiel’s answer was so simple yet divulges so much of just how far Castiel has grown, “Sam is my friend”. Perfect, Castiel truly is becoming more human. His loyalty and faith are getting stronger and stronger.

First scene with Dean, scantily clad women one dressed as a devil and one as an angel gyrating much to Dean’s delight. Dean is dreaming again. (Sure different from the last dream sitting at a dock serenely looking out at the lake.) Just as he’s about to get a lap dance poof Anna interrupts his dream. Wonder way Dean even bothers to dream since it seems there are too many angels that want to talk to him, at least with Castiel they can use a cell phone!

                                                                             Anna: "This is what you dream about?"

                                                                             Dean: "Awkward."

                                                                             Anna: "Strippers in devil costumes? Really?

Instantly you know this encounter isn’t going anywhere near that sexy wonderful scene with Dean and Anna in the back seat of the Impalal. It was kinda too bad that Dean had to learn that Castiel was the one who turned Anna in and that her time in “Heaven’s Jail” sounded like it was worse than Dean’s time in hell. He wouldn’t have empathy for her much longer once he’s told about her plan to kill his parents.

Finally Sam had the opportunity to meet his parents since he wasn’t included in the last trip back in time. Dean had met his parents and grandparents and each time all Sam had was what Dean told him and described to him. This meeting was long overdue for poor Sam.

Sara wrote an incredible scene with John and Sam. Sam telling John he was always angry at his father, his brother, his life so much so he tried to run away from it. Telling John exactly how he felt gave Sam the opportunity he has needed for so long to express his feelings and tell his father exactly how he felt. The fact that young John didn’t know Sam was talking about him and saying sorry to him didn’t matter, Sam got his wish. The pain in Sam at trying to say sorry and that he loved him was gut wrenching in the scene. Kudos to Jared….he has become such an awesome actor that he now does justice to any of these type of scenes.
John: "Your father was supposed to protect you."
Sam: "He was trying. He died trying. Believe me."

Dean staying with Mary while John and Sam left trying desperately to protect her and get her away from angels wanting to kill her. Dean’s words with Mary, especially after he told her he and Sam were her sons. Dean’s face filled with guilt, hurt, desperation longing and his love.

Dean: "When I would get sick, you would make me tomato-rice soup because that's what your mom made you. And instead of a lullaby you would sing 'Hey Jude.' That's your favorite Beatles song."I knew it was at the moment Mary believed everything Dean was telling her. This was another of Sera’s special “angst scenes for Dean and seeing the lost lovely heartbroken little boy that is still in him. It was painfully and so terribly sad seeing Mary realize her deepest fear that come true, her children grew up like she did - being hunters. Dean could at least relieve some of here nightmare telling her she didn’t raise them as hunters. When the yellow eyed demon killed his wife, the only way John could deal with her death was to seek revenge on the demon and hunt him down therefore having the boys grow up hunters. Absolute Kudos to Jensen yet again on another emotionally charge performance that he does so very well. It was funny when Mary found out that angels are real and as Dean says “they are dicks at least most of them are.”

Both Amy and Matt did awesome jobs playing Mary and John, I loved them the first time we saw them and loved them even more this time. Matt had such a wonderful part this time being involved, and for the audience seeing the sweet innocent man start to show the John Winchester he would become after Mary died.

There were twists and turns in this episode that caught me off guard. I can’t believe the kind of angel Anna had become. “Heaven and Hell” was one of my favorite episodes, Anna wanting to stay human so she could continue to feel emotions and the sacrifice she made to save Dean and Sam. (Not to mention that hot sexy scene in the back seat of the Impala with Dean. Now she has come full circle, there is no humanity left. Okay she had a really bad time in Heaven’s equivalent of jail with a time frame the same as hell I bet, 1 month = 10 years and it was no picnic, but her attitude without any remorse not caring how it would affect Dean if Sam died. She had no excuse for what she became….Dean spent forty years in hell and he didn’t go all evil when he was pulled from perdition.

Summoning Uriel in the past was so wrong on so many levels and has him go to kill the Winchesters.

Anna lures John to the garage proceeding to fling him about like a fly when Dean and Mary show up.


Dean tries to kill Anna and Mary goes into her ninja demon fighting skills (way cool – she could kick-ass)

to protect Dean and John. Poor John seeing Mary like this for the first time hence his ignorance of evil, demons spirits etc destroyed forever.

After seeing Uriel in the past I could see how he became one of the biggest and nastiest “dicks” in the present. Wish he had died back then, and Anna; the conniving bitch lies and tell him the Winchesters kill him when it was Anna that did the deed.

Uriel and Anna shows up and the fight is on. Anna’s throws John out of the building injuring him badly, then turns and stabs Sam…dead. Uriel working Dean over really good, so he’s about to die. Anna goes after Mary.

When that heavenly light shone on John I thought it was Castiel who had recovered enough to help them.



John walks in and burns Anna to a crisp (yahoo!) sends Uriel packing none too nicely, only it’s not John but Michael. We have all talked about who would be Michael when he first showed up but you could have knocked me over with a feather to see it was John. He had said yes to Michael to save Mary. Confronting Dean, Michael’s "I'd say this conversation is long overdue, wouldn't you?" was an understatement!  Michael tells Dean about destiny yadyadyada and free will does not exist; that he will say yes to him and Sam will say yes to Lucifer. I believe with all my heart (and maybe the way Kripke’s mind works) that Dean will hold on to belief in free will and will continue to say no. 

Last scene in the past:

John and Mary in the nursery standing over the crib and Mary is very much pregnant with Dean.

A little angel figurine that Mary bought for twenty-five cents is on the shelf above the crib. This was such a touching scene. Mary and John are happily waiting for the birth of their first child, and Mary living her normal life that she always wanted. It was perfect that after everything that happened, and yes their memories were wiped away by Michael, that Mary came to believe in angels and we discover how her prayer started. Thank you writers for remembering from Season 1.


                                                                            Mary: "It's all OK, angels are  watching over you."

                                                                                  Mary: "Quite a kick there, troublemaker already."

Strange this could be taken a couple of way since we know some of the outcome. The angels have been watching over Dean to protect him, but when he goes to hell they have trouble finding him (took them 40 years no less) and grabbing him from perdition after he broke the first seal. Other thought the angels has just been watching him period because he will be the one to stop the Apocalypse and is “The Vessel” for Michael. Lots to ponder.

Matt was great as John but he was fantastic as Michael. He hit this scene out of the park or galaxy as I said.

I loved everything about this episode. I was drained; my mind was in overdrive, my emotions all over the place by the end. There was so much information given, twists and turns that blew me out of the water. I have no idea how I’m going to make it through to the end of the season.


Last scene in the motel room was precious. Dean’s assessment of their army:
Dean: "This is it."
Sam: "This is what?"
Dean: "Team Free Will: one ex-blood junkie, one drop out with six bucks to his name and Mr. Comatose over there."

Matt, Amy Misha were incredible hitting it out of the ballpark and Jensen and Jared again hit this one out of the galaxy, never mind the ballpark.


These are not all my thoughts, I’ve read them in some of the reviews but they are worth pointing out. Anna lands in the middle of the hood of a Trans AM painted with wings in the past. Clever and imaginative and perfectly showed an angel.

This whole scene was wonderful. Mary not impressed in the least when Dean shows up uninvited and almost shutting the door in his face. John inviting them in because he wanted to know some of Mary’s family, asking them to stay for dinner being clueless at this time as to what was happening. Sam’s with his puppy dog eyes shakes John’s hand forgetting to let go. The love he showed for Mary this being the first time he has ever met his mother alive and Dean trying to explain without explaining why this guy is coming onto her or seeming like a nut case.


Sam: "You are so beautiful."

Dean: "He means that in a non-weird, wholesome, family kind of way."



I really liked Anna & was sad to see her turn all militant. After what she was trying to do I cheered when she went up in smoke, but I wished Michael had sent  her back to the present to repent and fix her way of thinking and errors.

Dean: "What exactly are we gonna march up there and tell them?"

Sam: "Uh, the truth?"
Dean: "What? That their sons are back from the future to save them from an angel gone terminator?

Dean: "There's a big difference between dying and never being born. And trust me, we're okay with it. I promise you that."

This is so tragic how easily Dean and Sam know this is the only way to save their parents and their willingness to never be born.

Best comedic scene...The Winchester Family in the Impala. Mary and John front seat & grown Dean and Sam in the back (I really saw Sam and Dean as little kids hehehe)  

John: "I'll turn the car around"

Dean: "Awkward family trip.



Other favorite lines:

Dean: "She's gone all Glenn Close on us."

Castiel: "Who's Glenn Close?"

Dean: "So what you're like a Delorean without enough plutonium?"

Castiel: "I don't understand that reference."

Dean: "Mary's dad was pretty much like a grandpa to us."





Supernatural 5.10 Abandon All Hope

#5.10 “Abandon All Hope”
Dean: So, dangerous mission tomorrow. Guess it’s time to eat, drink, and make merry.
Jo: Are you giving me the last-night-on-earth speech?
Dean: What?
Jo: What?
Dean: No! No. If I was, would – would that work?
Jo: "Sweetheart, if this is our last night on Earth, I'm going to spend it with a little thing I call self-respect."
Dean: "If you're into that kind of thing."

This has got to be the most difficult review I’ve ever written, hence the reason for the delay in posting it.
This was the first time I had the most horrific feeling I’ve ever had watching any of the episodes. Ellen and Jo's deaths affected me more than any other deaths period, John, Dean and Sam's combined. They were the only female hunters and now there are gone. Everyone from the Roadhouse are dead.
Always wished the relationship with Dean and Jo had been developed more in a romance situation instead of the "little sister" I loved the chemistry between Dean and Jo. I was ripped apart from the moment the hellhounds attacked Jo and knew she was the first casualty. I so wished Jo could have had her moment with Dean. Dean's pain was unfathomable. Watching him see Jo was dying and IMHO realizing just how much he cared about her left me with this big hole in my stomach and feeling extremely numb and empty at the same time. Ellen was the only other person except for Bobby that Dean would listen to and Ellen could always keep Dean in line. At times I feel that Ellen actually had the most control over Dean because she was the mother figure that Dean needed so desperately. For many years Dean had John, but when John died that's when the boys met Ellen and she was the one that kept Dean from loosing it after John was dead.
This was the worst hour of SPN ever. So sad, so tragic and so final. It was awful to see Lucifer have so much power over the boys to where it seems there is no winning this war for the Winchester brothers.
I for one was extremely happy with the last few lighter, funnier episode, cause I knew when the war returned to Dean and Sam's world, it would be ugly, with immeasurable pain and heartbreak. Kripke warned us and he delivered. Never has there been a cliff-hanger that left me with little hope things are going to get better anytime soon. And I have to want until January to get any answers..."Thanks Eric - there goes a happy Christmas"!
Rest in peace Harvelle family, you gave everything you had and then some. I will never forget Ellen and Jo.

Great tragic gut wrenching episode. Rest in peace Ellen and Jo. The Havelle family gave their all. Yeah it was fitting that they went out like hunters, I bet they knew they would not survive this hunt. I'm in the group that wishes Jo had said yes to Dean, she always did love him, and being her last night on earth why not have the last thing you wanted...Dean. Dean's love and respect for Jo broke my heart. He did acknowledge that they were both great hunters. Dean's last two kisses to Jo - perfect. I like the idea of burning the photo as respect to the great hunters Ellen and Jo were. The last shot, Dean looking at the photo of Jo's face burn, got to me, I was a puddle on the floor. IMHO Dean did love Jo and realizes the terrible cost of life to him and Sam for being the hunters that John brought them up to be. Don't know how I'm going to wait until January....kiss a happy Xmas goodbye!
One more thought, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't this the first time for Dean to loose someone he loved either as a sister or someone he could have come to love? Sam lost Jessica and Madison. So this would be extra difficult for Dean.

The best moments of the episode

Castiel following this demon,
Castiel: The demon Crowley is sealing the deal even as we speak. It’s…going…down.
Dean: Going down? Right. OK, huggy bear, just don’t lose him.
Crowley…what a marvelous demon, no wonder he’s an upper level one (played to perfection by Mark A Sheppard). Hope we see more of him in this showdown that is approaching.
After selling his soul and making a deal with a crossroad demon the poor old guy, had to seal the deal with Crowley deal.
Loved the kiss. It wasn't just a quick smack. It was like Crowley was doing it slowly on purpose because the banker was so homophobic. Great scene
Best scene and dialogue:

Crowley: “So the Hardy boys finally found me. Took you long enough.”
Loved the boys with Crowley but hated the scene. First when have Sam and Dean been so stupid and clumsy with a demon, never mind he’s an upper level one! Hell, they weren’t that dumb with Bela who did manage to fool them and play them so well. The crumpled rug giving away the presence of the devil’s trap, how easily the demons snuck up on them and captured them, all this was poorly written, and filmed way to dark, haven’t been able to see this scene except online where there is some light in the shot. I’m all for shadows in SPN and the way they film this show…but this was ridiculous. The only good thing, the Winchesters got the colt back, and oh yeah instead of “idjits” we now have “morons”
Crowley: “How about you don’t miss MORONS”

All the scenes at Bobby’s house making decisions and plans were wonderful, funny, touching and sweet. Castiel and Ellen in a drinking contest, Dean and Sam discussing the situation.

Dean: “Sam Winchester, having trust issues with a demon. Well, better late than never.”
Sam: “And thank you again, for your continued support.”
Dean: “You’re welcome. You know, trap or no trap, if we’ve got a snowball’s chance, we’ve gotta take it right?”
Sam: “Yeah, I suppose.”

Yeah for Sam thinking straight and standing up to Dean. Sam was so right about all that.

“Dean: But if we think about it, you can’t come with.”
Sam: “Dean...”
Dean: “Look, I go get Satan and screw the pooch? Okay. Yeah, we’ve lost a game piece. That we can take. But if you’re there, then we are handing the Devil’s vessel right over to him. That’s not smart.”
Sam: “Since when have we ever done anything smart?”
Dean: “I’m serious, Sam.”
Sam: “So am I! Haven’t we learned a damn thing? If we’re gonna do this, we’re gonna do it together.”
Dean: “Okay. But it’s a stupid idea

After Dean lost the argument, I loved the way he watched Jo go to the fridge or should I say he watched her sexy backside.

Dean: “So, dangerous mission tomorrow. Guess it’s time to eat, drink, and make merry”
Jo: “Are you giving me the last-night-on-earth speech?”
Dean: “What?”
Jo: “What?”
Dean:” No! No. If I was, would – would that work?”
Jo: "Sweetheart, if this is our last night on Earth, I'm going to spend it with a little thing I call self-respect."
Dean: "If you're into that kind of thing."

This was the tiny sliver of what I have wanted since I first saw Jo. It was also the only cute, touching funny spot that pulled at my heart strings in a nice way in this whole gut-wrenching episode. (I still yell and scream“ Jo, Go for it girl!” every time I watch this.)

Bobby wanting this picture taken was an omen things would not go well.

Dean: “Well this is great, we’ve only been in town for twenty minutes and we’ve already lost the angel up our sleeve.”
Meg: “There you are!”
Sam: “Meg.”
Meg: “Shouldn’t have come here, boys.”
Dean: “Yeah, I could say the same thing for you”
Meg: “Didn’t come here alone, Deano.”
Dean: “Hellhounds.”
Meg: “Yeah Dean! Your favourite. Come on boys. My father wants to see you.”
Sam: “I think we’ll pass, thanks”.
Meg: “Your call. You can make this easy, or you can make it really really hard.”
Dean: “When have you known us to ever make anything easy?”

With the hellhounds chasing them, Dean falling and Jo coming back to save him sure showed how much she loved Dean. Seeing the wounds, blood and Jo’s flesh torn away broke my heart. Dean picking her up and running into the hardware store said how much he felt about her, even if he didn’t quite realize it yet.

Jo: “Stop. Guys, stop. Can we be realistic about this please? I can’t move my legs. I can’t be moved. My guts are being held in by an ace bandage. We gotta get out priorities straight here. Number one, I’m not going anywhere.”
Ellen: “Joanna Beth, you stop talking like that!”
Jo: “Mom. I can’t fight! I can’t walk. But I can do something. We’ve got propane, wiring, rock salt. Iron nails, everything we need.”
Sam: “Everything we need?”
Jo: “To build a bomb, Sam.”
Dean: “No. Jo, no!”
Jo: “You got another plan? You got any other plan? Those are hellhounds out there. Dean. They’ve got all of our scents. Those ******* will never stop coming after you. We let the dogs in. You guys hit the roof. Make a break for the building next over, and I can wait here, with my finger on the button. Rip those mutts a new one. Or at least get you a few minutes headstart, anyway.”
Ellen: “No, I won’t let you!”
Jo: “This is why we’re here, right? If I can get us a shot on the Devil... Dean, we
have to take it.”
Ellen: “No! That’s not”
Jo: “Mom This might literally be your last chance to treat me like an adult. You might wanna take it.”
Ellen: “You heard her. Get to work.”
So now they work quickly to make the bomb.
Now the rest of this scene I just can’t find the right words to express how much it affected me. When the show was over tears were flowing freely and my gut felt like the hellhounds had ripped it open.

This kiss from Dean said it all. His hopes, his desires, his dreams, his loss and his fate!
Dean: "See you on the other side. Probably sooner than later."
Jo: "Make it later."

With that the boys go to leave when we all know that Ellen is going to say with Jo. She won’t let her die alone.

Ellen: "And Dean, kick it in the ass. Don't miss."
In an interview for the this scene, the director went to Samantha and told her to add “kick it in the ass” because that is what Kim Manners always said when it he wanted the best performance from the cast. Samantha was the only one who knew this, so on the last take she added that phrase, so the reaction Jensen and Jared have is very real and affected them. Since I have known this, now every time I watch this scene there is a real lump in my throat.

Ellen's pain to be holding Jo, putting her hand atop Jo's hand on the trigger since Jo just died and Ellen finishes the Harvelle's job. Giant fireball blows the hardware store up and Dean's last glance as reality sets in Ellen and Jo saved their lives but lost theirs.
Sam: “Last words?”
Dean: “I think I'm good.”
Sam: “Me too.”
Dean: “Here goes nothing.”

More or less it was nothing. Dean and Sam found out the colt can’t kill 5 things, Lucifer being one of them,…dead loss there. Poor Nick isn’t going to be fairing any better, actually he’ll be worse since now he has a bullet in this skull.

After watching this episode twice, I was thinking what a tragic loss, Ellen and Jo died for nothing, Lucifer wasn’t stopped, Now the second horsemen has been set free DEATH. The apocalypse is well on it’s way. From here on in all hell is going to break loose and only Kripke knows where it will end. No more meta episodes, or humorous ones up to the either the season finale or god forbid the series finale.

Since I have now seen this too many times to count, it finally dawned on me what Jo and Ellen died for. They gave their lives for Dean and Sam. Jo said it all “as long as the hellhounds have your scent they will never stop chasing you.” Since all the hellhounds are gone, the Jo and Ellen evened the odds that the Winchesters will defeat Lucifer and save the human race. With that thought I can bear it a little better that two wonderful characters are gone.
Last scene back at Bobby’s was an Emmy winning scene in acting, lighting, directing and the fact that not a single word was said, and yet “Everything was said” The loss, grief, regret and pain that consumed Dean in particular made me think this was the best or worse name for an episode Abandon All Hope!


Supernatural 5.08 Changing Channels Review

Supernatural Episodic Quotes

#5.08 “Changing Channels”

Sampala Sam: Dean?
Dean: What?
Sampala: "That feels really uncomfortable."
Dean slams the trunk shut.
Sampala: "OW! You sure this is gonna work?"
Dean: "No, but I have no other ideas."
Dean: "All right, you son-of-a-bitch, uncle! We'll do it!"
Sampala: "Should I honk?"


Have we ever seen the Winchester Boys looking so care-free and happy? Tandem bikes, football and mini bikes…looking like two care free Texan boys!!


This episode rocked! I loved all the parodies. I knew all the shows, even “Grey’s” even though it’s not one I watch. I actually loved “Knight Rider”, I even liked that last incarnation (yeah I know no accounting for taste J) so that whole parody was pure bliss.

Dean’s reaction to hearing Sam’s voice coming out from his baby perfect,  the red lights in the grill, the car speeding down the road and even the same music. Sampala the name for “baby” awesome. Some other very clever person came up with that name on a review site I found.


I’m not going to review the first part when Dean and Sam are trapped in TV Land. I would have no idea where to start or what to single out, all of it had me in stitches. I’m just going to list the lines that for me were particularly hilarious.

The cheesy theme song and opening credits really clever. If you haven’t heard them or read them you really must.

The ghost in the wardrobe priceless, Sam looking terrified after discovering said ghost, Dean and Sam laughing their heads off, and Dean with grease on his forehead. Loved it.

They are just too funny. Here are the words:
Town to town, two-lane roads
The family biz, two hunting bros
Living the lie just to get by
As long as we're moving forward
There's nothing we can't do
Together we'll face the day
You and I won't run away
When the demons come out to play
Together we'll face the day

Dean: “Son of a bitch!!”

For me this was the best line just for the way Jensen delivered his classic line. “Three’s Company parody was dead on and too funny. "Son of a bitch" has always been my favorite line from Dean. Never have I enjoyed Dean saying this in so many different ways but each of them fabulous....

 Dean: “I’m gonna need a bigger mouth.”
Dean: “Hey there, Sammy. What’s happening?”
Sam: “Oh you know. Just the end of the world.”
Sam: “You’re gone need a bigger mouth.”

Sam’s in the bathroom getting ready and Dean is indulging in a guilty pleasure…watching a show Dr Sexy MD.

 What a lovely motel they are staying at. Looks just a tad familiar doesn’t it? Nice way to save on the set decorating! And again we have Dean doing the research with a laptop! Has Dean taken over Sam’s job!

 Dr Sexy MD is a much better name than Dr McSteamy even if that's not the name of the show

 "Seriously" was serious! Hasn't Sam been using that word a lot this season?? Sam getting slapped so many times was really funny. It really should have been Dean not Sam. (Isn't Dean the woman chaser?) Dean's crush on Dr Sexy...loved it.. Dean knowing he wore cowboy boots! Way to go Dean!! I have a crush on Steve Basic too, met him at a convention last year. He is very sexy and “mcdreamy”:)

Sam: “This show has ghosts? Why?” (Can anyone say JDM!!!)
Dean: “I don’t know. It is compelling though.”
Sam: “I thought you said you weren’t a fan.”
Dean: “I’m not. I’m not... Oh God.”
Sam: “What?”
Dean: “It’s him. It’s Doctor Sexy.”

Sam: “I thought you’re not a fan.”
Dean: “It’s a guilty pleasure."

(Side note here: when did Dean take off his coat? Mistake of continuity maybe?

Sam and Dean conclude rather quickly they are dealing with “The Trickster”.
Dean "Good, I've been wanting to gank him since Mystery Spot."
Dean: "SOB didn't think twice about ganking me, a thousand times,"

Sam wants to become BFF with the Trickster to get more help on their side fighting this war, but Dean thinks his brother has lost it.

 Dean: "You're serious--ally with the Trickster,"a bloody, violent monster, and you want to be Facebook friends with him?--nice, Sammy."

Now when did Dean get savvy with networking? Not that long ago he had no idea what My Space was. OOH do you think we can find “the real Dean Winchester” on Facebook???? OMG I wish! This Grey’s parody had some of the best lines. Once Dean has pinned against the wall, the trickster stops hiding, and gets back at Dean. Richard is so amazing playing this role. The next batch of conversation and interaction with the boys had me grinning again like a schoolgirl. Dean gets shot again only this time it’s in the back.

Dean: "It's real, it's real!"
Sam: "No no no no no! Hey, I need a doctor!"

This was just too cruel. That scream of Sam’s took me right back to “Mystery Spot” and I’d bet it did the same to Sam. With the trickster just having disappeared Sam must have thought he was re-living his worst nightmare again.

Nice transition from operating room to game show studio. The Nut Cracker" game...poor Sam, how many times is that for him? I can think of a few. Sam 3 Dean 0...that’s just wrong but so right at the same time.

The questions asked by the game show host were serious questions in the middle of slap stick show. BTW Jensen gave his answer in Japanese. Someone mentioned his pronunciation and inflection was off a bit but other than that he said the words correctly. Hey Dean and now join Bobby in conversations in Japanese hehe.

 Ok, I can’t let this go by without making a comment. The ad that Sam is forced to do, Jared was so good in this scene, really not comfortable doing this and Dean not giving him any help at all. Again poor Sam, should it not have been Dean doing this commercial? He has much more to do with the ladies than Sam ever does.

Back to the sitcom and more great lines.

Dean: "How long do we have to keep doing this?"
Sam: We might die in here.".
The audience laughs.
Dean: "How is that funny?" "Vultures!" great

I’ll casually mention Jensen has impeccable timing for comedy. No wonder he would like to do one, he’d be great. But this time around Jared was just as awesome doing the comedy. He has come a long way from “Gilmore Girls” and S1 of SPN.

 Moving on in TV land the boys are now in CSI: Miami and a bunch more fun, great lines and awesome impersonations of a certain detective who shall remain nameless. Jared’s “jackpot” and Jensen’s “no guts no glory” absolutely perfect.


And finally on to my favorite parody “Knight Rider” with Kitt!!! Everything was perfect, from the yellow striped lights in side when Sampala spoke to the running lights on the grill, to speeding down a leaves covered back road instead of flatlands that looked like a desert. And to top all this wonderfulness of we even got the “original Knight Rider” theme. This was just the icing on the cake.

One more thing, the trickster is much more powerful than we could have imagined. Dean and Sam trap him in a circle of fire.

Trickster: “Well-played, boys,", where did you get the holy oil?"
Dean: "You might say we got it out of Sam's ass."
Sam: “So which one are you--Grumpy, Sneezy or Douchey?".
And with that we meet Gabriel the archangel.

 What a great twist; The Trickster is Gabriel! I did not see that coming…no way. Gabriel blow your horn!  Well the trickster has been doing that since the Winchester Boys first met him in “Tall Tales” then “Mystery Spot” another of my all time favorites.

What an episode hilarious, funny and I had tears running down my face from laughing so hard. and suddenly bam it turns dramatic...and we are back to apocalypse.
This was one earth shattering scene. Gabriel’s anger and ranting and raving about the boys should just say yes and get it over with. This is their destiny. Good for Dean and Sam still fighting to find another way. Dean learned so much about these screwed up angels. It’s really getting hard to tell the difference between angels and demons. Dean is using this knowledge to win this war. He is finally figuring out just what the real game plan is. The parallels between Dean and Sam as brothers and an absent father and the angels and an absent father has me feeling I’ve never been this involved with a show like this that has caused me to think deeply about life in general. That’s one of the biggest reasons why I love this show.

I have hope and faith after this episode that Dean and Sam can fight Lucifer and send his sorry ass back to hell without either of them saying yes. I have no idea what Eric Kripke has planned to solve this, I’m just going to sit back at watch it all unfold. There is no way I can guess what is going through Eric’s mind, and that’s coming from someone who has a warped sense of thinking, but I can’t hold a candle to Eric when it comes to his ideas.

The twist with Gabriel was brilliant, but my thinking is maybe Gabe was pretending to be the Trickster to mess with the boys minds? Maybe the trickster is still alive and well. Would make sense cause the Trickster’s MO and antics doesn’t fit with an archangel.  


I believe Kripke has more up his sleeve in dealing with the conflict and relationship between Sam and Dean. It’s too important an issue the writers have set up since season 1 to have it fixed so fast and everything is all ok now.

I love this show so the issue as to whether either or both boys will say yes to their intended vessels is too complex a question and makes my head hurt. This one I’m just going to wait and see what happens. “In Kripke I Trust”. He and writers haven’t let me down so far.

Dean: "All that stuff he was spoutin' in there, think he was tellin' the truth?"
Sam: "I think he believes it,"
Dean: "So what do we do?"
Sam: "I dunno,"
Dean: "I'll tell you one thing, right about now, I wish I was back on a TV show,". Sam: "Me too."

And that makes three of us.

All screen caps courtesy of Oxoniensis



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Supernatural 5.07 The Curious Case of Dean Winchester Review

Supernatural Episodic Quotes

#5.07 “The Curious
Case of Dean Winchester

Sam: "Have you seen you? You look

Dean: "The old chick in Titanic. I know.
Shut up."

Sam: "I was gonna say Emperor


Again had to view this about 100 times (kidding) to figure out if
I liked it or not. Final verdict it was ok but there was something missing for
me. It was another stand alone episode with MOTW or in this case witches.
Nothing about the coming war, but great story line for Bobby.


Jensen must have enjoyed this storyline as this was one of the few
times he wasn’t in every episode, anyone know if he took a long awaited few
days off and took a trip somewhere? Jared on the other hand had double duty as
he was in most of the scenes. Jared was terrific especially during the poker
game, with his desperation to win the hand save Dean’s life “old Dean” died.
Chad Everett did a fantastic job of picking up Dean’s mannerism and attitude.
Jim Beaver was fantastic in his scenes showing the desperation and useless he
now feels. Kudos to all the actors, job well done.


Dean and Sam get wind of a strange death of a 25 years old man dying
of old age compliments of a phone call from Bobby. Glad to see Bobby back at
home even if he’s in a wheelchair. His grumpy attitude and words to Dean
(weeping in his ice cream and working late my ass) and hanging up on Dean is
our first indication that Bobby isn’t taking his new predicament very well.


Dean calls Bobby again explaining about this “crispy corpse”.

Bobby states he’s heard of this lore and to check out missing persons, again
hanging up on Dean. Love his confused expression, he’s not
used to Bobby doing this.

Sam and Dean talk to the wife of an elderly man who was reported missing.
During the questioning Sam finds a hotel receipt in a jacket pocket.

Now in the hotel hallway Sam and Dean burst into the room thinking
someone is seriously danger only to discover this young virile guy in bed with
two Asian beauties (Dean’s fantasy anyone???) Dean looking under the covers for
said birthmark yeah right! From TV guide
review: Gotta love Dean's "stay classy" line from Anchorman: The
Legend of Ron Burgundy.
Missed this one as I never saw that movie, but was
clever reference. Love the way the show so often does this. They exit the room.


"I hope I get that kind of kick when I'm his age. Like either of us will
live that long."

This was a really sad comment. I hate to think the boys believe
they don’t have a future and Dean’s reserved to that idea look and nod, it’s
just wrong wrong wrong. After all the years of sacrifice they have given I so
wish they would get some reward before they die IMHO. I know Jared wants the boys to go out in a blaze of glory,
but as Jensen said at a convention…blaze
of glory, dead is dead!
I like Jensen’s way of thinking.


The guy tells them about this poker game where you bet years
instead of money. They split up to look for this game and oh yeah Dean yells at
Sam to get some food, cheeseburgers for Dean of course. Dean finds the poker
game, never ceases to amaze me how easily a “C” note gets you information.


He meets Bobby coming out of said poker game


“What are you doing here?”

Bobby: "Came
in on a case”

Dean: "And
you beat me here?"

Bobby: "Well,
brains trumps legs, apparently."

Dean’s interrogation of Bobby was hilarious. Dean’s constant
“And??” to Bobby as he gets the whole story from Bobby. Dean and his
classification of people, new term “He
”.  Bobby’s defense for his
actions: “There my years to do what I want with.” Shows are poorly he is
handling being in a wheelchair. Dean goes immediately into the room to save
Bobby who is aging quickly right before him.

I’m not surprised that Bobby is having such a difficult time
accepting this. Yeah he has always been the voice of reason with the boys but
when it’s happening to you and completely changes in his mind who he is ie: a
hunter, he’s having a breakdown.

Patrick is in the process of getting two more “easy marks” when
Dean asks to speak with him. Again we have a new word “Man witch”. Loved Bobby trying to stop Dean from making the same
mistake he made and Dean hell bend on getting Bobby back his years, using Bobby’s
excuse to him get Bobby to shut up. “There my years to do what I want with”. I
get why Dean was wanting 50 years to bet with so Bobby would get his years
back. Something tells me Patrick purposely let Dean win Bobby’s years back.
They Dean pushed the poker chips across the table to keep his years.


Note: I wasn’t too quick here. I thought Dean was playing for 25
years forgetting he started with 50 therefore wondering why Chad was cast to
play the older Dean.

Notice now whenever Dean gets very serious or determined Jensen is
switching to his gravelly voice lately? I like it.


Sam coming into the motel room and hearing a voice he didn’t

Sam: "Who
the hell are you?" "Dude, relax. It's me." "Dean?"

Dean’s Hi was so contrite priceless. By now I’m laughing
constantly or have a really big stupid grin on my face. (verified by my mother
watching with me.
She had a couple of chuckles through this but not roaring laughter). This whole
dialog with Bobby Old Dean and Sam is priceless, hilarious and well written.


Sam: "Have
you seen you? You look like...."

Dean: "The
old chick from Titanic? I know, shut up."

"I was going to say Emperor Palpatine."


Bobby pushes open the door

I see you met John McCain."

From TV Guide again: Not one, but two references to the election
which was one year ago today. Has it really been a year?...Missed it again

First comment:

"First time in history I haven't sat on my ass waiting for you

"New administration. Change you can believe in."


Sam is confused and asking what the hell is going on.

Dean states Bobby’s an idiot. First time Dean has ever done that.
Guess he felt he could say that now that Dean’s the oldest. LOL

Sam finds out that two excellent poker players both lost. It was
hilarious to watch Sam’s expressions and Dean and Bobby bickering back and
forthSam’s "It's like Grumpy
Old Men." and Bobby and Dean’s reply in unison “Shut up Sam”


“Man witch” and “shut up” became the key words for this episode.
Funny really funny.


First signs of Bobby’s meltdown

 "You just don't get it," Bobby says.
Dean says he does understand. Bobby wants out of the wheelchair.

can imagine," Dean says.

you can't," Bobby says.

got me," Dean says. "I've never been paralyzed. But I've been to

continues, "You hear me bellyaching?"

“Actually ya”

having a heart attack." "No, you're not." "What is
it?" "Acid reflux. Guys your age can't digest certain foods. You're
going to need to put down that cheeseburger."


Dean trying to pick up the maid….blow to Dean’s ego hehe

Maid: "You're


gotta say I kind of like the guy."

think you ought to put some clothes on."

“arch angel wanting me to drop the soap”

“Benjamin buttoning me back into shape.”

In this show you really need to stay up to date with movies etc.


Cut to Dean, Sam and Bobby going into witch’s apartment building.
The elevator is out of order which leaves Bobby out. Sam and old Dean are
climbing the stairs and Sam’s “Dean” was just hilarious. The look Sam gives as
he points to only the 2nd floor sign. Dean confessing he should have
taken better care of his ticker. (How many times has Dean’s heart had something
to do with an episode.  Being old was
constantly being thrown in his face, he couldn’t even crack the safe because he
had poor eyesight and Sam had to take over. Running into Patrick in his
apartment and telling Sam that he can’t get off scot free and giving him “the
clap” the writers sure like to push the envelop with the network.


Bobby’s melt down after having to point out to Sam and Dean that he
needed help to get up the ramp. 

I have been waiting for this conversation since the season started.
It was gut wrenching to hear Bobby break down, talking about not being whole
and useless and helpless, wishing he could have pulled the trigger when he had
a gun in his mouth. Bobby lost it when he said he was no longer a hunter. Jim
did an awesome job in this episode. He did warn us about the emotional toll on
everyone and that included the fans IMO. It was great to finally have a scene
where the three of them stop and take a look at the consequences of the


Sam’s playing poker with Patrick and Bobby and old Dean are
digging a grave looking for a jaw bone of a murderer. Fantastic the way the
show went back and forth between these scenes. 

The poker game was very serious,
and the grave digging hilarious. One minute I’m laughing my head off and the
next I’m torn by the angst with Sam.    

The bitching and complaining between Dean and Bobby told me that
Bobby was going to be ok in time. Dean was having a great chance to really
understand how Bobby felt. Great lines here again.

Dean: “pound
it up your ass Ironside.”

know Bobby killing you is officially on my bucket list”


Realizing that the spell didn’t work, Bobby and Dean go back to
Patrick’s apartment to find “he witch DNA”. Bobby sitting the van unable to go
with Dean; Dean in the apartment having a heart attack then switching to Sam
playing poker knowing the stakes have just gone up because not only does Sam
have to win the game to save Dean, he has no time to do it. Sam giving the
impression that he was desperate ( or was that real?). The stakes changing when
Patrick discovered he had been betrayed and now he is really pissed off telling
Sam to “keep playing”

Jared hit his acting out of the ballpark once more. The tension
was palatable in that game.

The sigh Sam uttered left the impression that he’d lost. His long
drawn out l
ooks and the final action of turning the cards over showing he had
won the hand. His “cash these out for Dean please! gut-wrenching. He had keep
his composure even with Patrick trying to goad him by telling him Bobby and
Dean still made him eat at the kiddies table. The expressions Sam gave Patrick
seemed to show he was getting to him, but Sam used that against him. Sam has
grown and matured so much in a very short period of time since he walked away
from Dean. The old Sam would have been consumed with guilt and self loathing
hearing that he was still the kid brother. Sam has grown into a man,
independent of Dean but also equal to him. It has been great to see Sam grow
over these last episodes.


Back to Bobby yelling on the cell phone calling for Dean and again
feeling helpless and useless that he can’t do anything to help Dean. Young Dean
comes bouncing through the lobby and out the door doing his little dance and clicking
his heels and Bobby’s idjit had me grinning like the chestier cat.

 (I love to watch Jensen
walking and dancing from a distance. He is soo cute with those bow legs of his :)

Back at the motel room, Dean comes bouncing in the door eating his
cheeseburger. Bobby is amazed and proud that Sam beat the guy. Sam can now play
poker with anyone including Bobby and Dean. Way to go Sam! Then Sam goes out
the door to get a booster shot with no real razzing from Bobby or Dean.

The conversation Dean tries to have with Bobby about how important
and necessary Bobby is to them as he is the only family they have left. Great
emotions showing Dean’s anger and desperation that Bobby never talk about
checking out. Lovely serious emotional moment…then as quick as it started it’s


Dean apologizes for call Bobby and idiot saying if he was in his
shoes well…

:"You'd never stop complaining,"

"Fair enough."

“You’re not useless”

good talk,"


Bobby wants to end this right here but Dean has more to say.

Dean: "You
don't stop being a soldier because you got wounded in battle. No matter what
shape you're in, bottom line is, you're family. I don't know if you noticed,
but me and Sam, we don't have much left. I can't do this without you. I can't.
So don't you dare think about checking out. I don't want to hear that

Bobby: "Okay."

Dean: "Okay,

Bobby: "Thanks."

Bobby: "Now
are we done feeling our feelings? 'Cause I'd like to get out of this room
before we both start growing lady parts."

Dean: "Yeah,
we're done."


Dean makes an earth shattering decision, looks at the cheeseburger
in his hand and throws it in the garbage.


Dean: "Let's go Ironsides."

Bobby: “Oh that one’s staying!!!!”


I was so happy to see Chad Everett. He was one of my heart throbs
when he was in Medical
Center. On one hand it’s
hard to see your heart throbs looking older, but still gorgeous, because of
course I haven’t aged a day….RIGHT!!!!

Chad’s portrayal of Dean
was really great. As stated earlier, he captured the essence of Dean perfectly,
his mannerism, his way of talking, his boyish manner. The casting crew on SPN
do an incredible job all the time.


I understand Jim posted on facebook that he Chad and Jensen
had dinner one night. Wonder how may episodes Chad had to watch and how many
questions he asked Jensen to get the right portrayal of Dean???





There has been talk about 2 beloved characters dieing this season.
Jim Beaver made a comment on facebook that was a real teaser as to whether
Bobby lives.  I am one of the fans that
will have a really big serious problem with Eric Kripke if he does this.


But I found this the other day…and it gives me lots of hope and
faith that Eric wouldn’t be that cruel to us: Jim said he will be back in Vancouver to shoot
episode 14.


Curious Case Of Dean Winchester

Jim's words

They put me through the prosthetics. They hired someone to play
the older Dean. Chad Everett plays Dean, and I think he's just perfect casting.
I didn't know Chad
before this one, but he's not only an incredibly good-looking man, especially
for seventy-two!, he's got the same sense of fun and sort of sassiness that
Dean has. I think he ends up playing him very very well. It's a lot of fun to
see him, you know, in Dean's clothes and doing Dean's mannerisms. But I on the
other hand didn't have to age as much. Bobby doesn't age as much as Dean ages,
so I had the unfortunate luck of the draw of having to go through the
prosthetics, which is a pain in the neck.


Jim interviews


Supernatural 5.06 I Believe The Children Are Our Future

Supernatural Episodic Quotes

#5.06 - "I Believe The Children Are Our Future"

Sam: “See, we're kind of freaks ourselves."


This was an ok episode for me the first time I saw it. After viewing it again it’s kinda grown on me. There were some funny moments and comments in this plus it propelled the season’s arc a little further. Really good brotherly moments too. It was nice to see the brothers working together and acting like the good old days. This is by no means to say that their relationship is all fixed. Again not by a long shot, there is still a lot of issues to be dealt with but at the moment it appears Dean and Sam still have “their training wheels on” and dealing with MOTW.


Dean and Sam investigate a strange murder, this time in Nebraska. Again posing as FBI agents Page and Plant (How many times have these names been used!) they question the coroner who asks them “Didn’t you get the new e-mail” to which Sam replies “We have server issues.” Yeah I’d say you have. They find out the young girl clawed herself to death. This shoots the MOTW theory out the window. Ha the power of suggestion!

There’s another murder at the hospital, a man is electrocuted by a harmless joy buzzer which Dean takes from the old man.

Dean’s “Mr. Wizard” as he tests the joy buzzer on a ham and it cooks the ham and of course Dean has to take a chuck of it. Dean stuffing his face again, things must be getting back to some sort of normal. (Again I’m reminded how sorry Jensen was the first time he ate those nuts way back when. How many hams did Jensen have to eat!! two scenes.

They discover there are other victims at the hospital and Dean and Sam are questioning different victims. Dean is in the hallway making time with a nurse of course when Sam comes out of a victim’s room and catches Dean using his charm.


Sam tells him about the “Tooth Fairy in a pink leotard and tutu”. Dean ups the anti telling Sam about 2 kids who have ulcers and a fellow whose face froze that way. One of Dean’s funnier faces


(Did anyone think for a moment that Dean’s face might freeze that way, especially when it seems his mouth was stiff from making that face) and Sam thinking together figure out all the lies parents tell their children are coming through. Good exchanges here. Especially liked when talking about these seemed more the pranks of a nine year old (come to think of it just like Dean thinks.)


Dean’s reaction priceless.


The look Sam gives Dean entering the motel room seeing Dean eating yet again. Love Sam’s comments.

Sam: "Dude, seriously, still with the ham."

Dean: "We don't have a fridge!


Sam’s research about the locations of the strange events being in a triangle, Dean asking if their motel was inside that triangle getting the answer as to why he suddenly developed this horrible affliction.


I don’t know about you…but the less said the better…can we say eeewwww!!!!


They go to a house and meet Jesse. This kid was terrific.


The casting team of SPN pick the best actors (a very difficult job but they do it so well.) he had the sweetest face but at the same time was very smart. Jesse asking to see their ID’s and looking at them with all lot a suspension. Dean looking concerned that this kid just might figure out they are fake. (No one ever seems to question their alias but now a nine year old might! Funny. This kid had great comedic timing. His answer when Sam asked “"What's that?" "It's called soup. You heat it up and you eat it." Now when did Sam cook his own food, wasn’t Dean the one doing all the cooking? Figuring out Jesse is unaware of what he is doing when Dean finds “The Tooth Fairy” drawing on the fridge looking exactly the same as the description the guy in the hospital gave of “The Tooth Fairy” who attacked him.


Typical Dean fashion he tells Jesse the joy buzzer can’t hurt anybody it doesn’t even have batteries. To prove his point he zaps Sam. Sam’s expression priceless. So like the old Sam not impressed with Dean’s antics.

Dean admits they need help and when they return to their motel Castiel is waiting for them. Sam says “Guess you got our message?” Still using cell phones to communicate with Castiel, (they have got to find a better method to do this!)


Castiel informs them the boy is too powerful and must be killed. Great to see Sam defending the boy and telling Castiel we are not going to kill a nine year old and Dean for once letting Sam do all the talking. Nice change in the boys attitudes deciding to tell Jesse the truth so that he will make the right decisions. Sam’s faith in the boy attesting to the great regret he feels because he was duped into making the wrong decisions. Again nice to see Dean 100% behind his brother. Dean is trying really hard to let Sam be his own man. A difficult task for Dean since it’s been his duty he feels to protect Sam.


Sam discovering that Jesse was adopted and they go to visit the birth mother. Ever Carradine is always great in whatever role she is playing. Throwing the salt at Sam & Dean as Dean questions “How do you know about demons.” Her tale of how she got impregnated (she was a virgin), no wonder Castiel calls him the “antichrist or devil spawn child. Immaculate Conception kinda, what’s the name when it’s a demon doing the implanting? Oh yeah demon-spawn. It’s one of the devil's greatest weapons in the war against heaven. (Didn’t see that coming). And Jesse can hide from angels and demons, just like Sam and Dean.


Jesse turning Castiel into a toy because he felt threatened. Dean picking up the toy Castiel and denying he knows him. Anyone know where we can buy these toys???? I want one. Hope the maker comes out with all the Supernatural characters hehe.

Good to see Dean later recant his words to Jesse and ask for Jesse to bring Castiel back. More change in Dean.


Jesse certainly has powerful powers (pun intended). Just telling the demon to shut up he wants to hear what the brothers have to say, then saying “Get Out” the demon is exorcized from Julia. No wonder Castiel thought this kid had to die.


The first half of the episode was hilarious with great Dean and Sam lines and their usual terrific expressions. The last half was very heavy with lots of insight of how just maybe the boys are building their relationship on new ground. No more lying to each other. This is the first time I can recall where they didn’t protect a child from knowing about things that go bump in the night, and there are things out there to be very afraid of. Sam and Dean talking to Jesse on his level, literally said so much of how far they have come.

I understand them wanting to protect Jesse and at the same time have Bobby teach him how to use his powers, because they need all the help they can get in the upcoming battle with Lucifer.

Jesse leaving the comfort of his home to protect his parents seemed to echo Sam and Dean’s lives. They wonder where he went, since they can’t find him if he doesn’t want to be found. Did anyone else think that Jesse went to Australia after looking at the poster on the wall?


Wonderful way to end the episode. Sam and Dean driving at night in the impala like the old days. They are discussing this last case. Funny to now hear Dean say he understands why parents lie to their kids. Kripke sure knows how to end an episode…damn him!.Dean saying he wishes their father had lied to them and Sam just saying “yeah”.

And the credits come up. WOW. I forgot how close to the end we were, so when it ended I was left in shock thinking “WHAT?”


Favorite Lines

Dean: "You know, most of my babysitters sucked, especially Miss Jansen. She only cared about two things: Dynasty and bedtime."


Dean:"What's up with toothless? Cavity creeps get a hold of him?"


Dean: "That'll do Pig." (Borrowed from the movie Babe)

Sam: "Hey, do not use my razor."


Sam: "What's that?" "It's called soup. You heat it up and you eat it."


Castiel: "That wasn't me."

Dean: "Who put that there?"


Jesse: "Was he your friend?" "Him? No."


Sam: "See, we're kind of freaks ourselves."



Set decorators….another great motel! American Flag pillow no less!


Sorry couldn’t resist LOL


Sam spent most of this episode frustrated and embarrassed by his so called “older brother”


Nitewoman (Marilyn)

Further comments on 5.05 Fallen Idol

There has been a terrific converstion going on over at

go take a look if you are interested. This was the last post I made with my final comments about "Fallen Idol"

Hi guys, me again. Had to add to this discussion. I don't think I've seen a so-called stand alone episode which on the surface looked like it didn't have a lot to do with progression in the overall arc have so many comments and different ideas being thrown out, this is turning into a very interesting episode IMO.
Now my point. I've seen this episode 3 times now, and each time something has changed part of my opinion. The conversations between Sam and Dean, that I was disappointed with are now conversations that make a whole lot of sense to me, and IMO the writers continue to be right on. Julie I apologize for criticizing your writing. Yes Sam and Dean's discussions felt  strained, but I think that was the purpose, they should be! All is not right in their world yet, but there is great hope that it will be and turn out to be even stronger. Maybe becasue I knew what was happening, the brother moments made much more sense in what they said to each other. "In Kripke We Trust" becomes my motto stronger and stronger each day. He is stringing us along making us feel that he isn't going to hash out all the emotions etc. that we want to see, but I think it is just the opposite. In his own sweet way and time Eric will give us all that we want from the brothers and more than we can even imagine. We must be patient.. Now this episode is going into my "I really loved this episode for a MOTW so called stand alone episode. It is paving the way for much more interaction with our guys. FYI.. Dean still worshiping his father...does make sense. It's not the same as it used to be, Dean can now see that John like himself made mistakes, but tried the best he could and for that Dean does still admire his dad.
Ok that should be my last comment on this episode LOL

(no subject)

Supernatural Episodic Quotes

#505 - "Fallen Idol"


Dean: Would you excuse us for just a minute?...Paris Hilton's not dead as far as we know, right?

Sam: Pretty sure, no.

Dean: Which means it's not a--

Sam: Ghost. No.

Dean: So either Paris Hilton's a homicidal maniac--

Sam: Or we missed something,

Dean: What do you wanna do?


Episode 5.05 Fallen Idol


Let me get this out of the way first. Paris Hilton did a commendable job considering she isn’t an actor in any way shape for form. I never had any doubt is would be good casting when Eric announced that she would be guest staring in an episode. “In Kripke We Trust” is my motto. Kripke and the writers never disappoint me even when I think, “Now how is this going to work. Overall it was a really good episode, with lots of humor, typical tongue in cheek dialog and some serious conversations all thrown together. What I love about SPN is at first this looked like a stand alone with some comic relief after the last 4 heavy episodes. But again the there was a scene (or 2) that propelled the story forward.


It starts with a murder. Two guys talking about “The Car” as in James Dean’s “Little Bastard” that one of guys has found. Ends up with one of them crashed into the windshield and steering wheel (a fine bloody mess) who seemed to have died in a head on collision in a parked car in the garage.


Cut away to the boys driving with the head lights of the Impala down a dark highway aka Route 66 on the back roads of America. Just like most of the episodes from Season 1 started. After all that has happened in both last season and this season, it was a welcome sight to see this very familiar shot. Must admit I hadn’t realized how much I had missed this.


Sam: We got bigger problems, don't ya think?

Dean: I'm sure the apocalypse will still be there when we get back.


I loved this conversation with Dean and Sam, the first time we see them back together fighting evil. Dean’s bossy attitude and stating they were taking this job period, much to Sam’s chagrin. But Dean did soften it somewhat telling Sam they needed to put “the training wheels back on”, both of them, to get back into their groove. Good scene to start to repair a lot of the damage done. Even using classic rock aliases as FBI agents investing this murder, just like the old days.


Sam: You want me to do it?

Dean: No. No, no. I've got it. Ok, baby. I'm not gonna hurt you, so don't hurt me.

Sam: *pops in* Need a flashlight.

Dean: *is startled* No. Don't do anything. Just go away!

Sam: ...Uh...oh. Ok.

Dean: Don't speak, alright? In fact, don't even look at her. She might now like it


Loved seeing Dean being so respectful with the car and at the same time being very scared that She might hurt him.


Another murder takes place. Abraham Lincoln killed Mr. Hill” perfect. Mr Hill as in isn’t the White House sometimes called the Hill? Dean’s imitation of Lincoln, priceless.

Dean: Check it out. Four score and seven years ago...I had a funny hat.

Sam: Dean.


At this point I’ll just point out Dean had so many great expressions, strange glances at Sam and not quite believing what he was hearing. Lets just say I loved all of them rather than recounting every one of them.


Sam: Look I know what I did, what I've done. And I'm trying to climb outta that hole but you're not making it any easier.

Dean: So, what? Am I just supposed to let you off the hook?

Sam: No, you can think whatever you want. I deserve it. And, hell, you'll never punish me as much as I'm punishing myself. But the point is if we're gonna be a team, you and I, it has to be a two way street.

Dean: So we're just gonna go back to the way we were before.

Sam: No, because we were never that way before. Before didn't work. How do you think we got here?


Yeah Sammy, you hit the nail on the head!

This conversation has been long overdue. Kudos to Sam standing up to Dean. Sam stating that there had been a big problem with the way they did stuff before had caused a lot of the problem and they both had to change.


On a eeewwwwww point…that was a lot of blood Sam had on his fingers when he was getting the seeds out of the bodies. One of the first times in SPN that I actually cringed.


Oh look, Dean now has him own computer and he’s doing research!!! Dean you have finally come into the 21st century. (Never thought I’d see that  LOL.


There were so many inside acknowledgements that SPN does so well. The wax museum (as in House of Wax the Jared and Paris were in!). Jared’s expression was perfect, not sure whether it was Sam or Jared’s expression, either way didn’t matter to me, just tooo funny.

         Jensen doing his MBV re-enactment!

I have to say with all honesty Paris did really well, much better than I expected. She did a good job with her scenes, and she was even funny. Loved her wailing on Dean and Sam's commenting to Dean. Jared doing his very best Jason impersonation with Sam hacking away at Paris, all the splattered blood was great and a hoot to see the severed head and body on

the ground. I thought this scene was hilarious on so many levels. The boys tied up around the trees…(image I hope to never get out of my head LOL) Paris knocking the crap out of Sam and Dean, but especially Dean since he needed Sammy to rescue him Paris Hilton!!!


On further contemplation, to the last scene. By golly Dean is getting good at saying "I'm sorry" and admitting when he is wrong. Asking Sam if he would like to drive, heart warming. It has been so long since I've seen Sam slip behind the wheel and Dean get in the passenger side. Didn't realize how much I had missed that.


I believe there is still a lot of work required by Dean and Sam to fix their relationship and have it grow stronger than it ever has been. But murky waters ahead. I hope we have more insight and/or conversation about Dean telling Sam he broke the first seal and Sam's reaction to that news. Dean's statement should have had much more attention given to it. Note: Eric please delve into this a little further.


Having read a few reviews and watching this episode again I have a couple of thoughts. At first I was disappointed in what seemed to be not a lot of time given to the boys’ serious conversations. Like many have said it just seemed that something was off with Dean and Sam, concluding that the writing wasn’t all that great. I have to change my mind again. On further viewing, the scenes with the boys were really better than I first thought. Yes maybe they seemed a bit strained, but then again they should have been. There is much work the boys still have to do.


I read somewhere about last week's episode...What if Sam had already said yes, while he and Dean were separated? That was a chilling idea, don't really want to think about that...sure hope that isn't the case...(listening Eric???) then Sam being off would make sense.

There were some things that Sam said that bothered me too. Wanting to get away from Dean just seemed completely out of place. Dean spent 40 years in hell because he couldn't let Sam die, and sacrificed himself the Winchester way. Dean deserves a lot of slack for that alone.


I feel this review is quite disjointed. I’m having a hard time putting my thoughts into words. What I’m really trying to say is on further viewing and thinking about the episode, IMHO it was actually a very good episode and the writing was pretty good too. Not one of my all time favorites, but a good episode still the same.


Any comments of thoughts from anyone is always greatly appreciated.


Nitewoman (Marilyn)